bel air dark grey 250


by selvage.lab


weight: 12,5 oz
construction: 3/1 rht
composition: 100% cotton
width 30 inch
color: dark grey with grey weft
shrinkage: 0-3%

made in Japan

Prices are per METER length

For bigger QTY (50m and up) pls send email to:

For sample swatch: pls order 1 meter 

we do not offer free cuttings


Sustainability note:

Deadstock fabrics are considered to be very sustainable as they are given a new purpose by you and me as for the mills or factories there could not be used anymore being the last pieces left. 
Selvage fabrics are highly respected in the world of denim, as for the mills it is their top tier product. they are produced on the last remaining vintage looms they have kept for the love of the history.

Only the best (in general BCI) cotton is used, as their only goal is to make the best fabric they can and they really do not f*ck around when it comes to weaving selvage fabrics.

Unfortunately we can not offer BCI certificates since dead-stocks do not come with any certificate, but as said, being it DEADSTOCK saves you more than making a new production out of organic cotton or anything else labeled as 'sustainable'.

Only our made-to-order (1.000m ++)will have these. if you want to run a private production, mail us for the options we have.