como beach chair

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We have reinvented the beach chair.

Tradition wooden chairs with cheap cloth will rot away after 2 seasons.. we have come up with a sustainable version that will last for many years to come. 

The durable light weight aluminium will not be affected by rust and the premium fabric supplied by the Sunbrella corporation will keep its color for a guaranteed 5 years and is easy to clean.

On a funny note: we could not solve the classic issues of possible stuck fingers when folding it.. stay safe out there ;-)

material: high grade aluminium

paint: matt powder coated

fabric: premium made in USA by Sunbrella 

foldable: yes


At Furniture.lab we love to combine iconic designs with modern materials like aluminum to create a new age product that is durable and sustainable.

Every item is hand made by a small dedicated team of true craftsmen that bring the smallest details to life.