Denimlab X Sneakerlab

Oct 26, 2018Sander van de Vecht
denim.lab wash and denimlab refresh

We have teamed-up with the world famous Sneakerlab to launch an environmentally friendly denim care product range.

Other than existing products on the market, this product is 100% biodegradable. 

The patented biological formula makes use of pro-bacteria that softens and breaks down dirt at a microscopic level, ensuring your denim retains its’ original colour, shape and finish 

The active ingredients are gentle for the indigo & our planet. It also strengthens the fibers and gets your jeans back in shape. 

Denim.lab Care is committed to keeping the planet’s Denim’s 100% fresh, in a way that is scientific and environmentally friendly.

sold in set with:

125ml - denim wash (high concentrated formula, needs only 25ml per wash)

250ml - denim refresh 


denim.lab denimlab wash and denimlab refresh


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