how to buy fabric?

If you are new to our website, you might have some questions on how to buy fabrics, here is a list of pointers to get you started

- you can order starting from 1 meter 

- you cannot order half meters

- average consumption for a basic jeans is 3 meters, jackets can be more. 

- check the fabric width before ordering and calculate your consumption. 

- you can order samples (see support subject)

- if you order multiple meters, like 3 or 6  we always cut 1 (one) piece. 

- if you order more than 10m it can be shipped in 2 cut pieces, but always considered the usability, we will not ship 10+1 if your order 11 meters

- small defects: shuttle loom fabrics can and will have occasionally some small neps, inconsistancies or shades, this is the beauty of these traditional made fabrics. if we notice a stronger inconsistency that can be an issue, we will always give some extra length to compensate. 

- shade differences between orders: when dealing with indigo goods, there will always be light color variations per roll, these are called 'shades', this is not a quality issue. When reordering fabric, it can happen that your new order is from a new roll and thus, can have a shade difference.. we cannot help that and is not accepted as a complaint.

- if you are new to sewing jeans, the book 'sewing jeans' will be very helpful, you can find it in the store.

- it is best not to prewash fabric, as it will loose the starch which makes sewing much easier.

- fabric can shrink, take care of your pattern. We only mention a expected shrinkage, always test the fabric yourself if you need to be sure.