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Denim.lab was founded in 2015 by Sander van de Vecht.
Denim.lab is a quality inspired denim brand for men & kids.
We are very passionate in creating the best jeans possible.
Denim is not about the logo you put on a garment, but what you put in it.
All denim fabrics we use are selvage,
they are simply put, the best fabrics in the world.
We love the history of these old shuttle loom machines and the dedicated people creating these fabrics with the best selection of cotton and indigo’s;
By introducing selvage comfort stretch fabrics,
we have created a post-heritage denim collection for the modern man.
But selecting a great fabric is just the first step, we spend a great deal of time sourcing and developing the best trims for each garment, like a variety of chambray fabrics for the yoke & pocket linings, our cotton micro logo made in France, the beautiful matt black metals, and our indigo dyed leather patches.
we use true indigo dyed sewing thread that starts dark, but over time will fade beautiful together with the denim fabric.
Patterns & fits
A great fitting jean is defined by its pattern and there are many steps involved to create a perfect fit and how it will wear over time.
We use a special ‘shaped waistband’ that ‘hugs’ the body waistline for a natural feel that not slides down.
By adding a 100% cotton lining in the waistband & backyoke, we block the stretch denim fabric for over stretching at the waist and avoid sliding down so you can wear your jeans for a long time not needing to wash it to shrink back into shape.
Jeans are a timeless product and do not need reinvention every 3 months, that is why we carry a large range that is seasonless and always on stock.
Our capsule collections we use to develop fresh ideas
that inspire our indigo minds.
Mini.lab is our selvage kids collection, why would kids need to wait 15 years before they can start wearing great jeans??
We have 1 unisex slim fit in stretch selvage fabrics so they will be comfortable in breaking in those dry denims from size 80 to 128. The waistbands are fully adjustable with elastic inserts.
Additional there is a miner jacket in the same fabrics.
Everything designed with the smallest details of Daddy’s own favourite jacket.