Sep 16, 2019Sander van de Vecht

Like many creatives, we sometimes like to step outside our comfort zone and try something completely new. 

Few years back we wanted some new furniture for our new headquarters but could not find any we liked.. so we decided to create our own furniture. 

The concept was to take classic designs and re-imagine them into modern materials that will last and are durable and in fresh colors. 

This entire collection is made from high grade aluminium and is powder coated. 

The result is a very strong and light weight product that will not rust like metal or splinter like wood.. the perfect material. 

We partnered with a specialised aluminium furniture factory to create the range of chairs - sofa's - tables and lights 

They are only for sale in The Netherlands due to complex - expensive shipping, but if you like to  find out how much shipping will be to your country, give us a call or drop an email.



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